5 Ways to Boost Your Health With Matcha Tea


If you’re a fan of green tea, you may want to consider matcha for an even bigger health boost. Matcha tea is like the superhero version of green tea. It’s got all the benefits of your favorite light green brew and then some.

What Makes Matcha Different Than Green Tea?

Matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant just like green tea, but there are a few things that make match quite different.

  • Matcha is grown differently- About 20 to 30 days before the Camellia sinesis plants are due to be harvested, farmers cover the leaves of the plants to shield them from the sunlight. This boosts chlorophyll production which is what gives matcha its vibrant green hue.
  • Matcha is processed differently- After being harvested, the stems and veins are removed and the leaves are ground into a powder.
  • Matcha is prepared differently- To make a cup of matcha tea, you whisk the matcha powder with either a hot or cold liquid, typically water or your choice of milk.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits matcha can offer.

Matcha Contains More Antioxidants Than Green Tea

A whole lot more! In fact, a cup of matcha tea contains ten times the antioxidants of steeped tea or coffee. That’s because the whole leaf of the Camellia sinesis plant is consumed, giving maximum benefits, rather than steeping the leaves and discarding them. Think of it like juicing — when you juice a fruit or veggie, you’re losing all of the nutrients found in the pulp.

Matcha Supports Liver Health

Your liver has the tough job of processing all the toxins you ingest. If you’ve been overindulging on fatty foods, sugary treats, or festive cocktails, your liver could use a helping hand. Adding a cup of matcha tea to your daily regimen can help promote liver health and assist it with processing the extra toxins you may have accumulated from your holiday celebrations. A high liver enzyme count is an indicator of liver damage, but studies have shown that green tea can decrease liver enzymes. With ten times more antioxidants than green tea, imagine what matcha can do for your liver!

Matcha Can Boost Your Productivity

If you love the perk you get from a cup of coffee, but can’t stand the crash or jitters, give matcha a try! Even though one serving of matcha boasts caffeine equal to that in an espresso shot, the kick you get from matcha is smoother. Without the highs and lows of caffeine spikes and crashes, you’ll be more focused, alert, and productive.

Matcha Can Help You Feel Calmer and Happier

The high levels of L-theanine in a ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder promote calmness of the mind and body. L-theanine is known to relieve stress and anxiety so when paired with caffeine, it provides a calm alertness.

Matcha Can Help With Weight Management

There are several ways that matcha tea can support your goals for a healthy weight. Drinking this vibrant brew helps to boost metabolism — studies found that matcha boosted fat burning by 17%. Matcha can also reduce cravings and curb your appetite. That’s due in part to the stabilizing effects matcha has on blood sugar levels.

Choosing a High-Quality Matcha Tea

Quality matters when it comes to getting the most benefit from matcha tea. Ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder, like those offered by MatchaBar, guarantee higher levels of the most important components: antioxidants, L-theanine, and caffeine. You’ll see the difference in the brilliant emerald green shade of the powder versus lower quality brands that have a lighter, duller color.

Add a cup (or two) of top quality matcha green tea to your daily routine and see how much calmer, more focused, and energized you can feel!

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